Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester police officer is being credited with saving the life of a man who was choking while driving his car.

Patrol Officer Lance Woltman spotted a vehicle drive across the centerline in a no-pass zone in the 1100 block of 20th St SE around 11:00 AM Wednesday. As Woltman pulled alongside the vehicle, he saw the man waving frantically and he could see he was choking. Woltman ran to the man’s vehicle when he stopped and performed the Heimlich maneuver twice and the man was able to clear his throat and resume breathing.

The 61-year-old Rochester man did not seek medical treatment.

Police Capt. Casey Moilanen says the man “would likely have died” without the officer’s intervention. Moilanen says it’s not known what the man was choking on.

News Update: BCA investigating the death of a man who died while being taken into custody of Rochester police officers.