Rochester's Pup Cup Winner Is the Cutest Dog Ever

Aaron Galloway
Moose looking smaller. Aaron Galloway

The 2nd Annual Pup Cup at Rochester, Minnestoa's Little Thistle Brewery was held recently and the Pup Cup went to one of the most adorable, cuddly pups of all time. Moose, the Great Dane!

The Cutest Pup In Rochester Is A Great Dane?

The cutest pup in Rochester IS a Great Dane. His name is Moose...and if I'm being honest, all 23 dogs competing at Little Thistle are the cutest in Rochester. It's just that Moose made it into the top three and, according to Aaron Gallaway, Moose's "owner", "ultimately won cutest Friggin’ dog based on audience cheers, as measured with a decibel meter."

Excerpts from A Recent Vanity Fur Interview

James Rabe: Were you concerned at any time that Moose might not win the Pup Cup?

Aaron Galloway: Oh, pawsatively. You never know what'll happen once the whole thing starts rolling.

JR: Moose has a beautiful coat, how do you get it so shiny?

AG: Well, I think I can say it's his diet. Woofles for breakfast and for dinner, we'll cook something from his favorite magazine, Bone Appétit! Also, Moose is a big fan of Bark-B-Q, and what looks shiny is really just the sauce, reflecting light.

JR: No fur-enhancing drugs?

AG: You're barking up the wrong tree there, Mr. Rabe. Moose's good looks are natural, even after a ruff day, all the neighbors say he looks quite fetching.

JR: Well, congratulations on your win, I think you, your lovely wife and daughter, and of course, Moose, deserve a round of apaws.

AG: ...

AG: ...

JR: Thank you for your time.

NOTE: Moose is also in the running for America’s Favorite Pet. You can vote here:

The Cutest Pup In Rochester - Moose the Great Dane (42 Pawtastic Pictures)

Recent winner of the Little Thistle Pup Cup, the family of Moose the Great Dane couldn't be happier. "We love Great Danes, and Moose, from the second he came into our life, was one of a kind!"
  • Full Disclosure: Aaron Galloway is Townsquare Media Rochester's Digital Managing Editor and is one of the coolest guys in the land. He and his very patient family moved to Minnesota in January and didn't leave him!
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