Don't question the determination of Light45, you guys. There is very little that will stop them from making an awesome music video.

We've featured these guys as part of Minnesota Brutal before, and I was thrilled to hear that they came out with a new music video for their tune "Bringing You Back To Life" yesterday.

Light 45 FB Page
Light 45 FB Page

I was talking to singer Justin Hawley about the video on Facebook yesterday, and he told me the craziest story!! These guys basically suffered a tick invasion while filming the new video! You'd have no idea given how well done the video is.

Justin explained, "Every single one of us got ticks from being in the woods that day. We live-streamed Critter getting his ticks taken out by Mark. With those dreads, as you can imagine, he was pretty freaked, but thankfully they didn't make it up to his head yet." LOL!!

The two locations used for the video were Florida and Nashville.

Thankfully they got themselves out of a very ticky-situation. Justin says, "I think Mark used a corn on the cob holder, as well as a lighter, to try to get Critter's ticks out. We didn't have a tweezers. lol!"

Check out the video below! They went through a lot to make this. It's the least you can do...

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