I don't want to say I called it... But, I called it. On November 29th, we reported that both of the Perkins locations in Rochester were closing immediately, and shortly after that news broke, I wrote a story predicting what would replace the popular restaurant and bakery.

My prediction: "So what will replace Perkins? We're not sure yet, but I'd bet on Perkins replacing Perkins. Every time I drove by those locations they were always packed. It's hard to understand how the restaurants weren't making money. I'm guessing the corporate offices know exactly how popular they were and will aggressively recruit another owner/operator to re-open the restaurants."

We can't technically confirm the restaurant is coming back because the corporate office hasn't confirmed anything, but I was driving on highway 63 down by the airport, and I spotted a Perkins billboard that said "Re-Opening Soon". I'm not sure when they'll re-open but I hope some of the people that unexpectedly lost their jobs get hired back.

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