Many of you may not remember this TV commercial airing. Whether it jogs your memory or not, it's still absolutely hilarious! A Pop Culture moment? You be the judge!


The world is mourning the loss of Florence Henderson, who died Thanksgiving night of heart failure at the age of 82. She was the beloved TV Mom, Carol Brady, the mother on TV sitcom The Brady Bunch from 1969-1974. She was viewed a second mother to many kids of the 70s and 80s. However, you may have forgot about this *GEM*. She returned to her role as Mrs. Brady in the year 2000 for a commercial for Pepsi Twist, but with a  different husband – 'The Prince Of Darkness'!.

The commercial was shot at the height of the popularity of Ozzy’s reality show The Osbournes. While Henderson was working until just before her death, most recently on Dancing With the Stars, this little video slice of pst pop culture is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even if it's the first time viewing it. [WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW]

R.I.P., Florence Henderson. -'Trainwreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends \m/\m/