Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - What do you think? Should Rochester have another cable communications franchise?

If you have an opinion and want it heard, here’s your chance.

The Rochester City Council has scheduled a public hearing Monday evening on a request from an Indiana company “to consider the granting of a cable communications franchise.”

MetroNet currently serves more than 50 markets in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. The company says it specializes in fiber optic services that include television, high speed internet and phone.

When the issue surfaced a few months ago, staff told the council MetroNet “is very eager to provide service to the Rochester community.”

A firm was hired to examine MetroNet’s legal, technical and financial qualifications to operate a cable communications system in the City. According to its report submitted to the Council for the public hearing, MetroNet “ possesses the requisite legal, technical and financial qualifications to operate a cable communication system with the City.”

After the hearing, the council will be asked to act on a resolution that in part authorizes staff to” continue negotiations with MetroNet to attempt to reach mutually acceptable terms for a cable television franchise to be introduced to the City Council for consideration.”

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