Apparently, the state is so far behind that it's taking MONTHS to get your driver's license in the mail. Yes, I said months. Plural. Usually, you wait a couple weeks, maybe a month. Nope, they're so swamped that it's taking months for people to get their licenses, whether you're a new driver or you're just renewing your license.

I guess fall is the most popular time for new drivers to go and take their road test, reports KARE 11, which is what's causing this delay.

The number of new drivers taking these tests has gotten so bad that some new drivers are needing to drive crazy distances to get a spot. KARE 11 says that "road-testing sites in the Twin Cities are booked several months out" and so one Twin Cities teen, Isabel Kleckner, finally got an appointment for a test 84 miles from her home down here in Southern Minnesota in Mankato. Just for one short test that you might not pass on your first try.

"The DVS says it is beefing up staff with mandatory overtime for some employees and adding more staff to handle all the applications coming in," KARE 11 reports.

So if you're planning on renewing your license soon, be prepared for a major delay.


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