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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - There won’t be a recycling penalty in Rochester anytime soon.

The Olmsted County Board effectively killed the proposal Tuesday when it voted unanimously to not make any changes to the existing solid waste ordinance.

County Administrator Heidi Welsch says the board “has decided to focus instead on a recycling education program for now.”

Local waste haulers were seeking a change in the solid waste ordinance to allow them to assess a $20 fine on customers who put non-recyclable items in recycling bins.

The haulers said they have been hit with fines when the recycling materials they collect are found to be contaminated by diapers, lawn waste, and other non-recyclables. The waste haulers contend allowing them to fine customers would give them an incentive to follow recycling instructions and pass their increased costs associated with violations to the violators while not penalizing customers who follow the recycling rules.


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