Red Hot Chili Pepper Flea is making more real estate moves. Just a few months back, Flea pulled the trigger on a $14 million home in Beverly Hills with a luxury treehouse. In 2020, Flea spun off an expensive oceanfront mansion for $20 million in Malibu. The latest property play for the bassist, real name Michael Blazary, involves putting a unique La Crescenta, California compound on the market, with a hefty price hike.

Flea may drop a funky ass bassline on the reg, but he doesn't drop his price.  Loudwire reported four years ago Flea bought a dual home plot in the foothills east of L.A. for $4.25 million.  Last week he put the same properties up for sale for over double what he paid: $9.8 million!

No doubt he knows what he's doing. California real estate prices have been jumping since even before the pandemic. This property shares a border with the Angeles National Forest, the 5.7-acre hillside plot that's  20 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.  And this home is really two residences.  Actually, three.  We'll explain below.

The main house is a seven-sided, pioneering structure built in the 2000's. It's a two bedroom, two bath, futuristic haven circling a courtyard, and lined with lots of glass. The views of the mountains and city are stunning from the overhanging balcony. Amble down a rock path and you're at a tranquil lap room next to a modern entertainment cabana complete with a wet bar and drop down movie screen.

Just above the main residence, on a lush grassy ridge, lies the original house. Built in 1953, it's retro chic with, two bedrooms, one bath, walls of glass, a Bear Valley stone fireplace, and cool built-ins including a "sliding" kitchen table.

If that wasn't all... There is an additional one bedroom cabin on the property.  See all the pictures of the multi-style, era blending compound below.

Flea's Funky Cali Compound For Sale

Check out pics of the Chili Pepper's crazy digs, up for $9.8 million.


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