In case you haven't heard, there's currently a debate about what Rochester should do with its infamous corn cob tower. You know the one:


When I moved here two years ago, I remember driving down 14 and seeing that giant ear of corn in all of its glory. And I had the same reaction that everyone has when they encounter it for the first time:

"...Why the hell is that water tower shaped like a giant ear of corn?"

Look, I get that it's kind of cool to have a water tower painted like a giant ear of corn instead of a boring ol' regular water tower. It could arguably be considered a historical landmark in Rochester. Some people have no doubt formed an attachment to the tower after seeing it on their commute every day, which is why they want to save it from being demolished.

But here's my argument:

Wouldn't it be way cooler to just blow it up instead?

Just think about plopping down a bunch of lawn chairs with your family and watching the Corn Cob Tower go down in one final blaze of glory. Don't tell me you wouldn't high five your buddies after you pointed at the tower and said "boom" right as that giant ear of corn explodes. Or better yet, turn around and walk away from the tower seconds before it explodes like you're in an action flick. You'd remember that forever. Here are a few other reasons why Rochester should just blow that sucker up:

1. Explosions are awesome
2. Rochester is not in Iowa
3. We could fill the tower with popcorn kernels and see what happens
4. Make it a big summer party...nay, a RAGER out of it
5. Everyone who wants to save it would forget about it within a week anyway
6. Did I mention that it would be super cool to watch it get blown up to high heaven?

So what do you think? Should the Corn Cob Tower stay...or BLOW? (up)

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