Easter weekend is finally upon us and the one thing l love most about it is all the delicious treats that come around this time of year!

Much like Christmas, I remember waking up super early in the morning and rushing to my living room to see what kind of treasures I could all find. I remember as a kid digging through all the fake grass and pulling out every single piece of candy in our Easter baskets. My brother and I would often fight over all the chocolate and toys that were left behind by the Easter Bunny.

But if there's one candy I would always fight for the most was the Reese's Pieces Easter Eggs! I fully realize you can get Reese's Pieces all-year round, but for some reason these always got me excited. I've never been a fan of the Cadbury Cream Eggs because I'm a huge texture person and they never sat right with me. However, if I could destroy one candy forever, it would be... Peeps.

Peeps are completely disgusting and can die a horrible microwave-induced death. Seriously, whenever I would get a box of Peeps I would unwrap them and toss them straight into the garbage without giving them a second thought. No one in my family cared for them either, so I found it funny they would always find their way into my basket every year. Some people say they're even better STALE, which makes zero sense to me because they're terrible freshly out of the package. Peeps could honestly disappear from existence and I wouldn't miss them.

But if could make up an all time Top 5 Best Easter Candy, it'd be:

  1. Reese's Pieces Eggs
  2. Jellybeans (specifically Starburst, but Brach's are also great)
  3. Cadbury Chocolate Egg candies (not the cream ones)
  4. Russell Stover's Mini Chocolate Bunnies
  5. Whoppers Robin Eggs

So to all the mom and dad's out there, please do the right thing and fill your kid's baskets with only the "good stuff" this year.

What's your favorite Easter candy?

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