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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Residents in a northwest Rochester neighborhood are wondering when police will deal with a problem they say has been going on since last summer.

The problem is a large group of young drivers that gathers in a parking lot at Northwest Plaza along 55th St NW late Friday and Saturday nights.

The group was there again this weekend.

One of the neighbors told KROC News between 75 - 100 cars and trucks and 200 people were there both nights, detonating large fireworks, revving their car motors and “burning rubber.”


He said several were also speeding through the parking lot at estimated speeds of 50 - 60 mph and nearly struck his vehicle and a shopper.


The neighbor - who asked to remain anonymous out of concerns for his personal safety - said he called 911 both nights. He said officers showed up Saturday night and the group eventually dispersed but apparently regathered at Century High School.

witness said the smoke is from large ordinance fireworks. vehicles spinning tires while brakes are engaged and the diesel trucks in park and burning diesel fuel while revving motors /TSM

The neighbor says many of the drivers also race each other at speeds of 80 - 100 mph on the section of W. Circle Dr. between the 55th St intersection and the traffic lights near the Hy-Vee gas station. He said it’s “like a Friday night at the racetrack.” 

Rochester police cars at Northwest Plaza parking lot/TSM

News update:  Bid for huge Rochester road project may be approved Monday.

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