I've never eaten at a Jersey Mike's Subs, but I really love sandwiches, so I was curious to find out more when my buddy Matt told me he saw their sign up in NW Rochester. I asked around the office and several of my co-workers have eaten at the Jersey Mike's locations up in Twin Cities and every single one of them said their sandwiches are amazing.

On their website, they explain what makes Mike's Sub so good, "It's the ingredients! High-quality meats and cheese sliced in front of you, store baked bread, and the authentic taste – served Mike's Way, fresh lettuce, onions, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, and spices!" They must be doing something right because there are over 1,500 locations in the US and we'll soon have one here in Rochester.

No word on an opening date for the new sub shop, located in the strip at 2665 Commerce Drive NW, but their site does say they will be opening soon. 

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