Burlesque. You've probably heard the word, know it's a show, but in Rochester, Minnesota, have you had the chance to see burlesque first-hand? Yes? At Bleu Duck Kitchen on August 20, 2022.

What Is Burlesque?

Merriam Webster - Click for link.
Merriam Webster - Click for link.

In this case, specifically, Burlesque on Broadway is an "18+ event that invites guests to enjoy a burlesque performance by Burly Bluffs, sip on hand-crafted cocktails, and support both an underrepresented art form and community of people."

Burlesque On Broadway - The Basics

Photo by Obi - @pixel6propix on Unsplash
Photo by Obi - @pixel6propix on Unsplash

WHAT: Burlesque on Broadway
WHEN: August 20, 2022 - DOors open at 7:30, showtime 8 - 10 PM.
WHERE: Bleu Duck Kitchen
EXTRA: A DJ’d dance party following!

Tickets aren't on sale yet but will be available from $15 - $30. Also, they're looking for sponsors. Just click HERE by June 30th to be included in printed promotional materials.  to see more about sponsorships. You can also email burlybluffs@gmail.com.

Burlesque on Broadway is the first collaboration between Burly Bluffs and Out Rochester  – and is supported through a grant by the Rochester Downtown Alliance. (Just one of the 12 new Rochester events, see all 12 here.)

And because people interested in burlesque are awesome, something I found along the way preparing for this story.

LOOK: The Cowardly Lion Was In Burlesque, the Stage Show

Looking for info on burlesque shows, I came across a Playbill for the Broadway show Burlesque (so, technically, Burlesque was on Broadway to go along with this story about Rochester's August 20 event, Burlesque on Broadway. Bert Lahr had a big career outside Wizard of Oz, much of it on stage, both comedy and dramatic.

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