Who says the arts are dead in Rochester? Pure Rock Studios might just be nurturing the next rockin' band in the area!

In case you missed it, the official opening of the newly renovated Pure Rock Studios happened on April 21st - ribbon cutting included!

It sure is a beauty too! Tons of nice equipment in there, and anyone would be thrilled to take their stage.

Pure Rock Studios contains the modern feel we've been asking for in Rochester. This might have helped them reach a milestone. Back in 2013, they set a goal, and now they've met it!

How cool is that!? The next goal is 500.

In what seems like a "full circle" moment when it comes to the arts and live music in Rochester, new renovations for Pure Rock Studios included a little help from the beloved Wicked Moose. Did you see this update?

Again, very cool! For more, visit Pure Rock Studios online. They offer lessons for adults, teens and kids alike!

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