Rochester, MN  ( KROC AM News) -  Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson announced Friday another person has been placed on leave as the investigation continues into one of his officers.  

Officer Ben Schlag was placed on leave February 18th after the department learned of some offensive social media posts he apparently had made.

Peterson says the department’s Professional Standards Manager has now been relieved of duties and the investigation will be turned over to a law firm. That person - Scott Hildebrand - was in charge of the investigation involving Schlag.

Peterson says he became aware of the latest development Thursday afternoon and decided immediately to place Hildebrand on paid leave. Peterson says the development involves an unspecified issue that he feels may have affected the integrity of the investigation.

Hildebrand was hired in 2009 as the department’s Professional Standards Manager, which is a civilian position. Peterson says this latest development means there will be a delay in the completion of the investigation but feels it’s the proper decision.

“ I am acutely aware of how important that a timely resolution to this matter is to our community.  I sincerely apologize that this action will result in a delay in achieving that resolution. I strongly believe, however, that the integrity of this investigation and any subsequent actions we take as a result outweigh the desire for a quick resolution to this serious issue. “

Peterson expects the investigation will be conducted by a Twin Cities law firm.  

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