It's Minnesota's most mysterious Air BnB and yes, it is available for Halloween! The Manor House Chamber has a rich history and is very popular. When I just checked its page, it'd been visited 550 times this week alone.


What makes it so mysterious? Well, according to the host, Sean...

"The Manor was built in 1883 and remained in the same family for several generations. Once voted the most mysterious house in Saint Paul by the Pioneer Press many years back it has proven to be true."

Hmmm...that doesn't give much away, so you'll just have to stay there, take pictures, and be on your guard. Is it mysterious voices? Mysterious faces appearing in the mirror above the bed (what's THAT all about?)...or will you find a fireplace that SWINGS on a lazy-susan and you end up in the dungeon?

Please stay, and let me know. Godspeed.