A cold Minnesota morning, your windshield is iced over, and you're sick of scraping! Before you try a home-made deicer, see how it worked out for Susan!

The recipe is in the video, but it's basically a bunch of isopropyl alcohol, some water, and some dish soap. Put it in a spray bottle. Spray on the windshield. Boom, deiced.

Was it? Well, c'mon...watch the video. enjoy the nice music and see if you think it was worth it.

I have mixed luck with deicers I buy at the store. The Rain-X stuff works well enough, and keeps new snow, etc, from sticking to the window. But other than that, meh.


Speaking of deicers...remember Mermaid Car Wash? It used to be up on 37th Street NW (I think it's a Simonize Wash now). If you had your car cleaned on a freezing day, they gave you a little can of lock de-icer.

I could never make that work, either. Was I supposed to put it in right after the car wash? And if so, why didn't they have the car wash peeps just squirt some in? Since they didn't, I figure it was to be used after they froze. And well...it never worked!

Of course, neither does pouring boiling hot water on the car. I haven't tried it, but I know people that have, and it never turns out right. Usually, the person gets burned, or the window cracks from the sudden heat. Something bad always happens. And the door is still locked.


site of fatal shooting
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A crash led to a shooting, killing a 17-year-old boy! See the story HERE (or just click the image).

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