We all need to find the laughs where we can right now and that's exactly what one Minnesota police department is doing.

The Mendota Heights Police Department shared a hilarious message on their Facebook page Tuesday (March 31st) in response to a call they received about COVID-19 coronavirus. The call was the only one they received that day relating to COVID-19 and it made them chuckle a bit.

Read the full story and message below if you need a good laugh:

COVID-19 is clearly nothing to laugh at but you can't help but giggle at the department's response to this. Like I said, we all have to find the laughs where we can right now. (These dancing dinosaurs is also a good example of this.)

Speaking of social distancing, Minnesota is doing pretty well with it. A new study gave us an "A" score when it comes to keeping our distance during these trying times, with Wisconsin scoring a "B" grade.

To keep up with how COVID-19 is impacting the Twin Ports, click here.

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