This may take a little while to get over. One Wisconsin town had quite the water tower fail recently.

This all went down at the beginning of the month. Painters in the town of Plover completely botched it when they were tasked with painting the village's water tower. I guess nobody double checked the spelling when it actually came time to paint. Ha!

According to WKOW, this all went down on Thursday, the first of the month. Crews mixed up a few of the letters, resulting in a "PLVO" instead of "PLOVER" on the tower. Oops.

How did this happen? Apparently, the crew accidentally "reversed the templates used to paint the letters" before they brought them to the top of the tower.

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Thankfully, they were able to notice quickly and the mistake was fixed. Sadly, nothing is entirely erased these days thanks to social media so while the mistake may be fixed, it is still living on on the internet.

You can take a look at the fail below:

The average person driving by probably wouldn't have noticed the mixup. It also looks like the internet is having a bunch of fun with the snafu, making jokes at the minor fail.

In fact, the water tower has become such an internet hit that someone even made a Twitter account for the water tower, spelling fail and all. Even the fake water tower is in on the joke.

Some tweets online say that the village should have left it as is because it would give people a good laugh. Others were joking around about the spelling. My favorite was a tweet that commented on the fact they may need to order some new shipping labels.

We all have typos from time to time. Next time I have one, I will be glad it isn't blasted on a water tower for all to see.

By the way, Plover is located in central Wisconsin. It has about 13,500 people, according to the village's website. It is described as a great place to raise a family and / or start a business. I guess we can add spelling to that list, too.

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