In case you missed it, Mithya is gaining serious traction on the Minnesota metal scene.

After a little break, we're back saluting Minnesota bands that rock in this week's edition of Minnesota Brutal! We're talking about Mithya this week, who has a seriously heavy vocalist that just happens to be a Rochester native - Lee Mintz.

2017 has been good to this band so far. In fact, Lee just won "Vocalist Of The Year" at the Metty's (local awards done by Metalsota).

Evan Gillen
Evan Gillen

Mithya describe themselves as progressive metalcore. Need a taste? Just check out their latest (and brand new) EP Separation.... which they just threw a huge kickass party for.

It features six original songs. This is the first single....

Pretty sweet, right?

Mithya is Lee Mintz, Michael FritzKapps, Maxx Vasek and CJ Melendez. They live by a pretty awesome mantra too, "there's nothing too pretty to be metal, and nothing too metal to be pretty!" Words to live by.

Tune in next week for more brutal Minnesota bands! Got a Minnesota band we need to know about? Message Val so you can be part of a future feature!

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