With Mission: Impossible 73 coming out this weekend, a random question popped into my mind:

What is the best Tom Cruise movie?

Many of you instantly just blurted out TOP GUN at your screen. Some of you might go with Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men, Rain Man, any Mission: Impossible flick, or the kinda underrated Edge of Tomorrow. But those aren't Minnesota's favorite Tom Cruise movie.

After doing a little investigating, I came across some data from the website FrontierBundle, which analyzed Google Trends data to find each state's favorite Tom Cruise movie. Are you ready? According to science, Minnesotans are apparently super into...

...The Firm? Really?

...I would not have guessed that, because I've honestly never seen the entire thing. Just bits and pieces when it would always randomly be on TNT. Am I missing out? Is this like a Duck Duck Grey Duck thing, where you aren't a real Minnesotan unless you have a poster of The Firm hanging up in your garage? Did everyone in Rochester walk out of the theater in 1993 going, "Well, that's it. We've just hit peak Tom Cruise. This is as good as it gets!"


On the bright side? At least we're not Nevada or Utah. Those people think The Mummy is the best Tom Cruise flick. That's just weird.

Source: FrontierBundle and YouTube

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