Bicycle riding is huge in Minnesota, so it's no surprise that Minnesota was ranked #2 most bike friendly state in the nation! But which city is the best in Minnesota?

From the report by the League of American Bicyclists’...

A long-time #2 in our ranking, the Minnesota DOT is a leader in bicycle planning and the state has a strong advocacy group that helps communities throughout the state. In recent rankings Minnesota has just been slightly behind Washington (#1) and at times it could be considered a toss-up for the top spot.

Which city is the most Bike Friendly Minnesota City? It's Minneapolis. A top cities to bike made it #2 US City, and St Paul is on that list too. Rochester is not. In fact, I couldn't find anything about Rochester's bike friendliness except one of the best trails in Minnesota is....

(SOURCE) Douglas: This is a pleasant, 13-mile ride through rolling farmland between Pine Island's city park and the outskirts of Rochester.

When I lived here 1991 - 2007, I spent almost no time on the trails, but now that I'm back, I know better. Rochester has an amazing set of trails. You can get all over town on them, which is awesome!


That time I gave Samm a LOT of crap for not biking to work like she promised.


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