This might solve a lot of team arguments around the house... or create them!

James Sheda via Facebook
James Sheda via Facebook

It's no secret that Rochester loves football. While most of us are Vikings fans, my theory suggests that anywhere from 30% - 40% of those in southeast Minnesota are actually Packer fans. No, I don't have facts to support this. I only have my eyeballs.

Some families are a house divided too! If that's your family, I may have found a solution that everyone can agree on. A jacket that sports the purple and gold and green and gold.

That's right - it's as if it supports both teams.

I saw it on Facebook's marketplace! Tell me, do you think wearing this would fly in your home?

James Sheda of Rochester is selling this baby for $29, and it's in great condition! It's even reversible too.

For more on the jacket (or to buy it!), click here.

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