If you're looking for a new job, or some season work during the upcoming Holidays, you might have hard that Target is hiring over 12,000 new workers this year. But it turns out they aren't the only retailer in Rochester looking to hire new holiday workers. According to Business Insider, major retailers like Walmart and Target are looking to hire even more seasonal workers than last year. And with unemployment at a low 3.9%, companies are hoping to lure potential recruits by offering some huge benefits and perks.

- JCPenney is offering workers paid time off and even some 401(k) benefits
- Kohl's employees will receive an "unprecedented" 35% discount during certain shopping periods
- Rumored potential perks for Walmart new hires could include child-care services, tutoring, pet care, and gym memberships
- All new hires at Target will receive a $12-per-hour minimum wage

Those are just a few examples, but if you're looking for some extra cash or sweet discounts for the holidays, these are some solid options.

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