The sixteenth anniversary of September 11th, 2001 wasn't an anniversary that was missed in Minnesota.

We had our own beautiful way of honoring those affected by a horrible tragedy that will be engrained in our minds forever.

These cool moments may have seemed subtle, but it was just enough to "never forget."

You'll notice in the first photo that two cranes are parked strategically next to each other along Highway 55 in Eagan. In fact, they were right next door to Dart Advantage Warehouse. To me, it certainly resembled the Twin Towers in NYC. I was taking this route because I was on the way to the Vikings season opener.

When I got to the game, I realized that there were special moments planned to "remember" September 11th as well. The national anthem was sung as thousands of fans held up pre-placed cards that revealed an American flag design in the stands.

Numerous local officials remembered as well.

While I was only 11 sixteen years go, I can remember the terror we all felt that day. I grew up in Pittsburgh - and United 93 went down only an hour and a half away in Shanksville. My mother truly thought that our skyscrapers would be next, so she pulled me and my brother out of school.

What I'll remember most is our country's resilience then - and now.

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