Update 1.18.21: Spoilers ahead!!!

According to Bring Me The News there apparently were 2 houses in Minnesota competing for Ugliest house in the Midwest. The first one of course being the Poseidon House in St. Cloud Minnesota and a second home is in Blue Erath Minnesota that used to be a Funeral Home!

The Poseidon House came out on top in the Midwest edition of the show but lost out on the grand prize to a home in Tennessee that had glitter on the ceilings, tons of mirrors and cameras in every room . That sounds hideous but man I sure thought this St. Cloud home would win.  Oh well, if nothing else it can make all of us appreciate our homes a little more,

Original Story1/1/2021:

As much as I love the ocean and all that swims and lives in it I would not last one minute in a house in St. Cloud dubbed the "Poseidon House. Their home is among 12 hideous homes, which were nominated by their owners for the show. Well at least they know the home is ugly, but what would motivate someone to buy it in the first place?

According to Bring Me The News: " The Poseidon House is a five-bedroom, three-bathroom, 3,676-square-foot home where each room is customized with different underwater scenery, from a giant stuffed marlin to a cave shower big enough for four people."

The owners Kourtney Bradford. and her husband apparently made what they thought was a low ball offer at $495,700 in September 2020 and the previous owners took the deal. The house was initially listed at $1.2 million in 2017 but sat on the market for years with the price continuing to drop.

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The new show is called Ugliest House in America and will premiere at 9 p.m.on Monday, January 3, kicking off with homes in the Midwest, on HGTV. The host of the show is Retta from the show Parks and Recreation. Check out a sneak peek below at this insane home.

It is really hard to believe that these people paid almost half a million dollars for this hideous home. What were they thinking? I must say I do love the massive Poseidon statue in the center of the circular driveway but other than that I think I would get dizzy walking around that place. How could they not win, really? I guess you have to stay tuned and watch the show, but too everyone else competing I say good luck to you. Oh by the way the winner of "The Ugliest House In America" will win a $150,000 renovation from HGTV designer and Chicago-native Alison Victoria.

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