The Dairy Goodness Bar has just announced its three finalists for the prestigious honor of 2018 Flavor of the Fair at this year's State Fair-- and these malts and sundaes have Minnesota written all over them! 

The Dairy Goodness Bar is the vendor at the Fair that features several different Minnesota-made ice cream confections and sundaes, highlighting Minnesota's dairy farm families. And for the last several years, they've been holding a vote each year on which flavor will be dubbed the official 'Flavor of the Fair.'

According to Princess Kay of the Milky Way (Minnesota's Dairy Ambassador, that is) last year, btw, the Flavor of the Fair was something called Pie ‘n the Sky, which "boasted a nostalgic mix of crunchy, spiced 'airplane' cookies and lemon curd, topped with a dark chocolate drizzle," the site said.  "Previous Flavors of the Fair include 'Call it Breakfast' in 2016 and 'Salted Caramel Puff', the inaugural flavor in 2015," it continued.

So what flavors are in the running for this year's Flavor of the Fair? Check 'em out:

It's Breakfast, Dontcha Know? - A breakfast malt (or vanilla sundae) that tastes like mini-pancakes, bacon bits and maple syrup. Each spoonful tastes different, so you might get some bacon in one bite followed by syrup or pancakes in the next.

Sweet Heat -- This one is pretty wild, with the flavors of mandarin oranges and jalapeño cheddar kettle chips. It's crunchy and has a spicy kick from the jalapeño. The malt or vanilla ice cream helps mellow out the spice.

That's S'more Like It -- Golden Grahams cereal, teeny marshmallows and chocolate syrup blended into vanilla ice cream or malt.

Voting is on now and runs through April 24th, and you can cast your vote HERE. 

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