It's no secret that metal is a global undertaking, and this week I thought I'd feature metal exclusively from Brazil.

They are heavy, loud, and up until 1985 had no room for metal in their society due to a dictator. Now, Brazil is home to one of the biggest festivals in metal. They are hungry. It only makes sense to salute this country that champions the genre so well.

Each week, on Monday, I play 30 seconds of metal from a specific country... here are my pics for bands from Brazil that you heard today.


1. "Roots Bloody Roots" - Sepultura 

If you don't know Sepultura, you're missing out on icons! Let me introduce you to this...

In 1996, Sepultura reminded us who they were and where they came from by using tribal instruments from the Amazon to create Roots. That album is huge, and unleashed the can of whoop ass you heard above.

The original lineup is no longer together, but you can still catch brainchilds (and brothers) Max and Igor Cavalera on tour together.


2. "The Temple Of Hate" - Angra

Angra is more progressive, and claims a power metal stance. These Brazilians have been part of the the metal scene there since 1991. Currently they are celebrating 20 years since the release of Holy Land, and you probably recognize member Kiko Loureiro as part of Megadeth too.

Check these bands out for more! See you next week for a brand new country chock full of metal!

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