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The first of the COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Minnesota yesterday. KSTP writes that Governor Walz stated in a brief press conference that about 3,000 doses of the vaccine arrived yesterday. This morning, KARE 11 reports that the first Minnesotan got the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Her name is Thera Witte.

Who is Thera Witte? And why did she get the first COVID-19 vaccine in the state?

Thera is a nurse at the Minneapolis VA Hospital and has been in the hospital's designated 'COVID unit' since the beginning of the pandemic. She's been a nurse at VA for 10 years.

KARE 11 spoke with Thera about getting the vaccine. Thera said that she had colleagues cheering on her way out the door this morning. "'I think everyone is just feeling really hopeful that this is the beginning of the end, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.'"

Thera also mentioned that she feels safe getting the COVID-19 vaccine. "'I feel safe with the evidence that has been forward with this, and the effectiveness of the vaccine. ... for me, it's not just preventing getting COVID myself. It's the safety of my family, our communities, and then my colleagues and the veterans we take care of.'"

So how did Thera end up with the first COVID-19 vaccine in the state? At a press conference, Thera said that it was pure luck and she just happened to have the first appointment of the day.

The Pfizer vaccine comes in two doses. The second dose gets administered 21 days after the first dose. You can learn more about Pfizer and their COVID vaccine on Pfizer's website HERE.

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