First there was Mayo...then there was Mayo + Ketchup called MayoChup (fry sauce to folks out west), then a bunch of other Mayo + stuffs...and now, they're heating it up with Mayo - Sriracha (which apparently balance nicely on grocery carts).

Heinz announced MayoRacha a month or so ago, but now you can get it HyVee and Wal-Mart. Looks like Target does NOT stock any of the Mayo+'s in Rochester. Same with Kraft's new spring release, HoneyRacha...Mayo + honey + Sriracha.

When they announced mixing mayo and ketchup, I chuckled, thinking, 'Well, this will fail...people can make their own fry sauce' (see that story here). After all...who can't mix mayo and ketchup to their own liking (and add sweet relish, that's the magic ingredient if you're buying MayoChup...add your own relish, BOOM!). 

You know what? I was wrong. ALL the Mayo +'s have sold like hotcakes, except not hotcakes, and no one wants hot-mayo so...I'll just say they sell way better than I ever imagined.

What's next? I have no idea, but, in case Heinz is paying attention, here are some ideas...

10 Suggestions for Heinz's Next Mayo Combo

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