A meeting hosted by the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department in Stewartville this week is being billed as an “adults only” event. Sheriff Kevin Torgerson says the two-hour discussion at the Stewartville High School is open to all but is especially geared for the parents of children enrolled in the Sheriff’s Department’s DARE program, along with anyone with children and grandchildren in that age group.

Sheriff Kevin Torgerson and several members of the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office will be presenting information about Internet safety, current drug trends, drug effects and awareness, and what to look for when considering whether a child is using drugs or part of a group that includes drug users. Sheriff Torgerson stresses the content of the discussions will not be filtered for young ears and will be for mature audiences only.

He says a portion of the session has been set aside for presentations by family members affected by the loss of children or other loved ones to the rising number of drug overdoses in the community.

The meeting will run from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on January 10 at the Stewartville High School Performing Arts Center. Sheriff Torgerson says additional meetings on the same topics are being planned and several other Rochester area communities this spring.

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