A North Mankato, Minnesota resident claims that performing act's like 'Hairball' and 'Nelly' rattle her windows. Up next - Alice Cooper on Fri June 9th 2017. I

According to Mankato, Minnesota resident Barb Church, performing acts like 'Hairball' should be booked to the Verizon Wireless Center, while other concerts could remain in Riverfront Park, “because we know that there can be acts down there that don’t cause windows to rattle.”

Riverside Park is where you will find the intimate Vetter Stone Amphitheater.

Barb Church addressed the North Mankato City Council this week and asked the representatives to discuss her concerns with the City of Mankato and do something about “the noise that’s emanating from Riverfront Park.”

She also stated to the Council that with the Nelly concert of last fall, the noise level reached 110 decibels at her home.

“Now in 2017, the first act that I’ve seen that is being publicized is Alice Cooper and I’m to tell you here that I think Alice Cooper is going to be very similar to Hairball and Nelly,” said Church.

Mrs. Church also stated: “Having now looked up the lyrics…I don’t think it’s wise for our community to have to listen to foul language. I don’t think we have to listen to things about suicide.”


You can read the full story at southern minnesota news . com, or use the DIRECT LINK  to the video session HERE . Mrs Church's session begins at the 30:06 minute mark, and continues to the 33:40 minute mark.


DIRECT LINK TO THE VIDEO [[ HERE ]]  START WATCHING AT THE 30:06 MARK. Her session runs to the 30:40 minute mark. Enjoy ROCKERS! \m/\m/  -'Train Wreck ~ Z-Rock Weekends

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