I became an ordained minister back in 2012, and it originally happened after two friends of mine got engaged, and I half-jokingly posted on their Facebook wall saying I’d totally officiate their wedding. They took me seriously, and the rest is history. So far, I’ve officiated two weddings – one outside by a golf course, and another at a reception hall. I can’t say I’ve married a couple inside the SPAM Museum in Austin, though. But after hearing about this story, I’m definitely adding that to my bucket list.

According to KIMT, Mark “I Love SPAM” Benson (yes, that is literally his real name) and his now-wife Ann recently traveled all the way from Liverpool, England to get married inside the SPAM Museum. As you’d probably guess, Mark is a huge fan of SPAM. It’s a big component in many of his meals, and he legally changed his middle name to “I Love SPAM” two years ago. And now he’s married. Sorry, ladies!

Thanks to Hormel, the couple is vacationing in Hawaii to attend the 15th Annual SPAM Jam Festival. Yes, that is apparently a thing.

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