I can't recall where I heard this, but I remember reading that cursive handwriting has been in danger of going extinct as of late. That probably has to do with the rise in computer use more than anything. I remember getting to learn cursive in - was it the 4th grade? Maybe 2nd? Eh. At the time, I was excited about it because it made me feel like such an adult. Beforehand, I thought that scribbling on a notepad was basically the same thing.

Anyway, some states in the country make teaching cursive handwriting a requirement. Despite Minnesota not being one of those states, some local schools are still teaching kids how to write in cursive. That's probably a nice break from math, I'll say that.

I think the only time I use cursive is with my signature or if I'm writing a check, but even then I'll usually just use good ol' fashioned regular handwriting. This is the legitimate result of me trying to remember the entire alphabet in cursive:

Credit: TSM Rochester
Credit: TSM Rochester

Not bad! Still have no idea what the hell a Q or a Z looks like. Probably not going to Google how.

So do you still use cursive? Feel free to cast your vote below:

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Source: KAAL


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