We've all been complaining about crazy drivers in the area lately! Can we agree on these commandments for Rochester?

Some say drivers in the area drive too fast, others say most are too slow. That's not all of it either! Most have even more to say. I put together this list for a laugh. Perhaps you'll agree with most of what's on it.


These, my friends and fellow Rochester residents, are the Ten Commandments you should probably follow when it comes to driving in Rochester.


1. Thou shalt merge whenever possible. Seriously, just do it people!

2. Thou shalt move over for emergency vehicles. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people neglect to do this!

3. Thou shalt use their turn signal. It's courteous, AND SAFE!

4. Thou shalt never be the reason for gridlock on 1st St. and Center. It's just rude. Wait your turn.

5. Thou shalt honor the set speed limit. This especially includes when merging onto 52! Accelerate to match the speed of those already on the highway please!

6. Thou shalt remember your bus routes. Seriously, no one wants to get stuck behind a bus in the right lane on Broadway during morning commute. Just stay ahead of them, or pass them.

7. Thou shalt not be afraid to use the gas pedal. Just follow the speed limit. We promise it's okay.

8. Thou shalt covet gridlock on North Broadway. I don't care if you really need that Moka coffee, or Taco Bell breakfast burrito. Being a glutton is one thing, but blocking traffic on North Broadway is another.

9. Thou shalt yield to pedestrians in town. Don't rush them, it's rude. They have the right of way, and most are kind enough to wait for their signal to walk.

10. Thou shalt not run red lights. Duh! Don't do it. It's been happening a lot lately.


There you have it, folks! If you steer clear of doing any of these things, you'll not only be a safer driver, but other Rochester drivers will love you and appreciate it.

Should anything else be added to the list?

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