This guy is good. No, he's really good.

I was browsing Facebook the other day, and noticed a really cool update from Café Steam. They opened up an initiative for a local artist to design the mugs used in their shop! They call them "artist series" mugs, so I'm sure we'll see more.

Here's a little background....

First, we got a teaser about three weeks ago, and saw this on Café Steam's Facebook page.

Then, we saw the finished product.

Then, I did a little research as to who the artist was.

Most recently, local artist Sinclair made his mark on the mugs. It's a perfect gig, because coffee is just one of the things that inspires him!

For just $15, one of them can be yours. However, there is a limited supply, so you might want to check on the availability first.

Such a cool opportunity! Keep your eyes and ears open for more local art featured at Café Steam!

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