Leave it to Ohio for providing scary tornadoes! Okay, maybe leave it to the entire Midwest! It turns out though, not even a tornado could stop the current KISS / The Dead Daisies tour.

Okay, maybe it stopped the Dead Daisies set for about 20 minutes, but still, the show went on! John Corabi explained, "I was told by production that if the tornado came close to the arena, we would have to stop our set so they could make public service announcements – which is what eventually happened. We just finished playing ‘Long Way to Go,’ and they instructed us to stop and return to our dressing room. We waited about 15 minutes to see if we were going to play anymore, and received word that we would not be playing. So, I went onstage and thanked the audience for being patient and apologized for not being able to finish."

We're just glad everyone is okay! Darn you, Toledo!

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