Dream Theater have been on a solid two-year run in which they've promoted The Astonishing album and revisited their classic breakout Images & Words album for its 25th anniversary, but fans shouldn't be looking for a quick turnaround on their next album. In fact, guitarist John Petrucci reveals in a new interview that it will probably be 2019 at the earliest before a new disc drops.

Speaking with Eddie Trunk on the host's Trunk Nation show, Petrucci revealed that his involvement with the G3 tour will push things back a bit, taking up the early of his 2018. He explained (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), "Those two G3 tours [in Europe and the United States] will take me to the spring of next year, believe it or not, so we won't be able to get something going until some point next year and then we'll have a release the following year. But we kind of already know the direction of what we wanna do. We're really excited. Yeah, but it won't be for a while yet."

Speaking more about the next Dream Theater album, the guitarist stated that the band's reconnection with their '90s music could affect where things go. "I think that reconnecting with the music from the era that we're playing now and kind of where our headspace was in the early '90s and everything, it's kind of, I guess, for lack of a better word, reconnected us with the musical style of that period of Dream Theater. So it's been really interesting talking about how we're gonna approach the next record and everything. So, yeah, we're psyched," exclaimed Petrucci.

The G3 run finds Petrucci rocking audiences along with Joe Satriani and Def Leppard guitar slinger Phil Collen. Dates for 2018 tours in both Europe and the U.S. can be found here. Meanwhile, Dream Theater continue to tour stateside with dates booked into early December. See all their scheduled stops here.

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