At the beginning of last year, Dream Theater unleashed one of their most ambitious works yet, The Astonishing. The conceptual double album's narrative is spread across two acts and 34 tracks, totaling over two hours. The prog legends performed this record in its entirety on tour and now their plans have grown even more grandiose as they've launched a mobile game that allows fans to explore both sides of the story: the Ravenskill Rebel Militia and the Great Northern Empire of the Americas.

Styled as a board game, players will be able to summon characters from both sides of the narrative, only able to complete the storyline by seeing how the events unfold through the warring factions. This will also be the only opportunity for fans to hear instrumental sections of music from The Astonishing, which is built into the game, as well as video clips seen from Dream Theater's tour in support of the record.

What is especially unique about this mobile game is that it will afford players the opportunity to win exclusive Dream Theater prizes, including concert tickets, backstage passes and signed vinyl records that are shipped around the globe.

"We're extremely satisfied to be able to re-imagine The Astonishing and the implied macro political surroundings of the story, a story that fit so well with our signature take on digital board games," stated Fredrik Sundt Breien of collaborative partner Turbo Tape Games. "The game truly shines in portraying the struggle for influence between factions of society, the artists and the oppressors. The matches in it firmly underline the interactive narrative, where only one piece of the puzzle, one version of the truth, is conveyed through the perspective of the original cast."

Guitarist John Petrucci added, "There are definitely some parallels to be drawn between Dream Theater's prog-metal fan base and the gaming community including a yearning for and appreciation of deeper thematic connections and the open-minded spirit of artistic exploration and storytelling. This new game presents a unique opportunity to combine these two worlds and engage Dream Theater fans in an expanded and immersive experience inside the unique universe of The Astonishing."

For more information, head to the Turbo Tape Games website. Downloads are available in both the iOS App Store and from Google Play.

Dream Theater will be touring Europe starting today (Feb. 3) through May 17, performing the fan-favorite Images and Words album in full in celebration of the album's 25th anniversary. For a list of dates, head to the band's Facebook page.

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