Now, here's a Packers tattoo that Minnesota Vikings fans will love! Not sure if you've seen this circulating around social media the last couple days, but this Instagram post of a very, um, interesting tattoo of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers certainly has people talking.

(Credit: @alisharice via Instagram)

Tattoo artist Alisha Rice, who, according to her Instagram account, claims to be from Green Bay, (but mentions being in Denver, Colorado on her website) posted the photo about a week ago. And, while it has more than 1,100 likes, it has also elicited some very negative comments.

I never pictured Aaron Rodgers wearing a cut-off shirt, jock strap and bobby socks. But now that I've seen it in tattoo form, I, unfortunately, can't un-see it! I just hope it doesn't resurface in my nightmares...

What do you think of the tattoo? Being here in Minnesota, we Vikings fans tend to love anything that makes Packers fans upset! Evidently, this tattoo has made a lot of Packers fans really upset! I guess that alone makes me kinda' like it!

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