It's a scary statistic. The website explains, "Annually, about 9,500 citizens are hospitalized due to dog bite injuries." We always hope a child isn't involved, but 77% of the time, a family member (this includes children) is bitten. We're happy that this story out of Hayfield has a happy ending.

If you love dogs, you know they love to play. It's not hard to convince them to join you in a wrestling match, or chasing after a ball.

Dog Park Action
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Personally, it's my theory that this initiation of the "play drive" is what caused this incident in Hayfield, which, unfortunately, happened to a child riding their bike.

I truly believe that the dog saw the bike and decided it was ready to play.

Pretty scary at first, but we're glad this one has a happy ending. The boy has recovered from his scratches, and the dog mentioned is simply being monitored for now. There are no records of previous bites involving this dog.

In this situation, how would you react as a parent? Should more have been done? Is this a fair solution for all involved?

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