I can say that I'm happy here! However, is this list true for you?

Reading the internet with breakfast, to me, is like reading the paper anymore. As a Minnesotan-Pennsylvanian, this intrigued me. This morning I came across a survey which stated that Minnesota is pretty darn happy, but not happiest in the nation.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

The website The FW.com states, "The results, by the way, come from a study of 177,000 people in all 50 states. You can see the entire rankings here.

10 Happiest States

  1. Hawaii
  2. Alaska
  3. South Dakota
  4. Maine
  5. Colorado
  6. Vermont
  7. Arizona
  8. Montana
  9. Minnesota
  10. Texas"

So, that means Minnesota was number nine on the list! Do you agree with this ranking? Should Minnesota place higher, or lower? Is South Dakota really happier than we are? I guess it'd be obvious as to why Hawaii and Alaska are happiest - gorgeous views daily!!

If you're wondering, the two most miserable states according to this survey were West Virginia and Kentucky.

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