Formed in Hanna, Alberta in Canada in 1995, Nickelback started at the end of the grunge era, but unlike many of the bands of the early '90s, they had no problem with writing commercial radio-friendly songs. They quickly evolved into a hit-making machine, but have gone on to become one of the most polarizing acts in the rock world. Still, they're probably fine with dealing with the haters at this point; they've sold tens of millions of albums.

Their first album Curb was released by the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings back in 1996, with their follow-up The State being self-released before the major labels came knocking. Now, over two decades into what has become a very successful career, Nickelback continue to thrive commercially and even have started to receive some critical credit along the way as well.

Join us as we look back on the band's catalog, ranking Nickelback's albums from worst to first. Check out the gallery below.

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