Truth: I have driven to Apple Valley just to eat at IHOP.  Every birthday at my house, the person celebrating gets to pick where we eat and one of my kids' favorites is the famous International House of Pancakes.

Our drive may be getting a bit easier because I saw on Bucky Beeman - Realty Growth Inc Commercial Real Estate Facebook page that a sign was up and IHOP was coming to Rochester.

But...yes, there is a but...I looked around on IHOP's sites, looked for job postings, and any type of press release about the news and I'm not seeing anything yet.  I did see that Jeff Kiger from the Post Bulletin also heard about the sign but isn't seeing the news to show that this is an official deal yet.

The logo on the sign looks pretty legit but so far, that is about as much as we know.

Once I hear the official news, I'll get that up on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) and on Instagram.  

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