I would totally make the trip for this. Cup O'Joe Coffee House in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin is changing their look. And it will be a very familiar look. Right now, they have a sign on the door that says "We were on a break" but that break ends in January. When those doors open, you will feel like you are stepping into Central Perk.

Get this, they have an official Warner Bros. replica of the iconic orange couch from Central Perk (one of only 20 official replicas) along with a replica coffee table, rug, and backdrop. They also hired an artist to help make the atmosphere as close to Central Perk as possible.

The owner told Kenosha News that there will be plenty of selfie opportunities with plush versions of Marcel the monkey and Rachel’s hairless cat, the Geller Cup, and a replica of Gladys (an art piece made by Phoebe). You'll be able to buy Joey's meatball subs and Monica's lasagna. Plus, a candle that's a replica of Rachel's Trifle. But wait, there's more - Phoebe inspired open-mic nights will also happen.

Ok, I'm moving to Wisconsin!

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