You've heard me talk about my beloved family heirloom pepper, the Beaver Dam Pepper on the air and at The Rock Of Rochester. Now, the best damn pepper in Rochester and Southeast Minnesota! That's a pretty BOLD statement I know. So prove me wrong! Let's see your garden results! Post on the Z-Rock Facebook Page!

Once on the verge of extinction, the now 'global' Beaver Dam Pepper is enjoying a come-back of sorts, even right here in Rochester, Minnesota! LEARN MORE

photo: Train Wreck Gardens ©

BEAVER DAM PEPPERS UPDATE: The 1st picking - Today (Sunday 08-13-17) was HARVEST DAY
- This is the first wave, and the largest in size thus far. There are still as many as depicted (if not more) still out on the plants growing, and ripening. I chose to pick today because early last week I detected 3 peppers that had developed small soft spots, probably due to watering inconsistencies and lack of air flow around the plants. So, rather than dealing w/ more possible loss I chose to pick today, just slightly ahead of the preferred RED color change. Some beauties, don't you think?

How is your garden doing? Show us your results at the Z-Rock Facebook Page!

Also, if you are interested in attempting to grow the now 'famous' Beaver Dam Pepper, contact me via my BIO-PAGE at the Rock Of Rochester! -'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends ~ TSM Rochester, MN

photo: Train Wreck Gardens ©