Commercials are the armpit and/or butt crack of entertainment, especially when they try to be funny. Most TV ads are filled with cringe like bad dancing, abominable animation or quippy lines scavenged from the cutting room floor of whatever comedy series is trendy. However, these metal commercials aren’t just funny — they’re actually worth watching.

Some of these commercials are a legit blast from the past. If you’re over 30, you may remember calling into hotlines for info on movies and concerts, or just to buy junk off the TV. Hair metal heroes Warrant were in on the hotline action, even doing a commercial for the official Warrant Rockline. But even better, a burgeoning (and intoxicated) Guns N’ Roses did a lengthy infomercial for RIP Magazine. You won’t see that today.

Hair metal and death metal band are the unlikely profiteers from weird commercials. Whether it’s Dokken blowing up a chicken with crotch thrusts, Ratt infesting a couple’s home with a hit from the ‘80s, or Suffocation blasting their way through a History Channel ad, bands have been able to grab a sweet payday to offset those touring costs.

Check out these 17 Hilarious Rock + Metal Commercials in the gallery below.

17 Hilarious Rock + Metal Commercials

Check out these commercials that used rock and metal with hilarious results.

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