Burger King has been testing a meatless Whopper at selection locations for some time. Sales have been so good that the fast-food chain has decided to roll it out nationwide. The Impossible Whopper will be available in Rochester and every other Burger King in the United States on Thursday August 8th. It's expected to cost a dollar more than the traditional Whopper.

BK says the Impossible Whopper, made of soy protein, potato protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and heme, offers additional protein, less total fat, zero cholesterol, and fewer calories than a similar-sized meat burger and it's gluten-free.

If you're kind of curious but not sure you'll like it - Geek.com says the chain is offering a special promotion, "From Aug. 8 to Sept. 1, DoorDash and BK app customers can purchase the Impossible Taste Test to receive an Impossible Whopper and original Whopper for only $7."



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