We've got just about a month until Halloween, and if you're still decided what to be, let me ask you this - why not be the most metal mascot of them all? Eddie from Iron Maiden!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

According to Loudwire, you now have the power to be Iron Maiden's monstrous mascot for Halloween if you choose!

They are available now, and you can choose between six Eddie masks to wear.

Trick Or Treat Studios

All decades of Iron Maiden's version of Eddie are covered! Loudwire explains, "The six mask designs include the original, punk-tinged Eddie from Iron Maiden’s eponymous debut, a white-haired Killers version, the straightjacketed menace found on Piece of Mind (full costume or just the mask), the Egyptian mummy wraps from Powerslave and the imposing Mayan warrior from the band’s latest album, The Book of Souls."

To find out more about the masks and how to snag one yourself, click here.